We live in a complex time where teasing out solutions is more difficult than ever. Mass Collaborative offers a new way of thinking. A new way of telling the story. A new way of facing our ever changing times.

Mass Collaborative offers a collective, inclusive way to examine challenges that people and organizations face and co-create real, tangible, and actionable solutions with fresh ways of responding. They use the collective intelligence of groups to meet those challenges.

The individual genius of each Mass Collaborative partner is exponentially lifted through their collective group mind (whose intimacy, intuition, and love for one another vibrates at a high level) to further lift the participating collective to achieve goals far beyond what they might imagine.
— Linda McInerney, Artistic Director, Eggtooth Productions

There is nothing in the Pioneer Valley similar to Mass Collaborative. They are dedicated to creating partnerships and collaborations while removing the inherent competitiveness that exists among nonprofits that tend to be short on resources.

Mass Collaborative works tirelessly for those they commit to. They develop creative ways to connect people, programs, and ideas. Their workshops are designed to build capacity in a number of areas by thinking two steps ahead—and on larger scales—of programs that (out of necessity) focus on small details and surviving day to day.

They embody a new way of thinking, one that is based in human connectivity.
— Megan Grant, RUTA, (former Director of El Camino Mentoring Program)

Mass Collaborative makes 2+2=5 by making latent relationships dynamic. They supercharge the ways folks interact and reflect: intellectually, physically, and tonally.

By showing us connections that we didn’t previously know existed—or by re-envisioning those that seem unimportant—they embrace our complex regional wiring. They surface and activate the remarkable human resources in our region.

Leave the memos and bullet points and right angles to the suits. Mass Collaborative speaks to the kinetic side of collaboration.

They facilitate not just with words, but through play; with thoughtfully designed space, color, objects, story and breath. As a team, their range of personalities and skills support diverse collaborators.
— Greg Richane, Program Manager, Leadership Pioneer Valley